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There’s a reason Ryan Dejoris is one of Greenville’s best wedding photographers: His experience in modeling, portraiture, advertising, and still life combines into a singular method that has come to define aesthetic wedding photography. For more than a decade, Ryan’s authentic approach to shooting a couple’s wedding has refined the genre into an art-form—a process that continues to evolve with every client. Ryan has a darting eye that’s constantly scanning the room. “I like to come up with new shots, to stay open up to new visual shots. It’s out there if you know how to look.”

Christian established himself in Greenville, South Carolina beginning with a home studio and, as business grew he pointed his lens at the subject of weddings, initially for an intimate group of family and friends and then for South Carolina at large as the appeal of his unique style gained notice.

As a high schooler growing up Florida, Ryan’s love for photography started at the age of 16, although it wasn’t until he arrived in South Carolina at 19 that Ryan met professional photographers and began taking classes at their encouragement. “I just wanted to do it. I felt like I should be a photographer. Once you start seeing the world in pictures, you frame things with your eyes with a higher consciousness of your surroundings. I love that I can see things in a certain way, whether I have a camera or not.”

Ryan Photography specializes in photography.

We have photographed weddings, Christmas parties, family reunions, halloween parties, football parties, birthday parties, pool parties, cheer leading camps, ballet camps, youth basketball leagues, Palmetto State Wresting Championships, South Carolina AAU Basketball tournament and several baptisms.

Ryan Dejoris, the owner of the company is actively involved in working with church groups and enjoys helping others capture priceless memories.

All photo sessions scheduled for four hours will receive a fifth hour free.

A photo cd is provided to you for each photo session. If you prefer photo prints, you can order them directly from this website.